It was a great pleasure to take part in the First World Convention of artisanal Panettone with the Accademia dei Maestri del Lievito Madre e del Panettone Italiano in Naples.

The Academy has taken the dimension that we dreamed of a few years ago: a solid base that allows everyone to grow. We have seen colleagues who, with the strength of the Academy, have given innovation with a product studied in depth to allow us to look ahead, without a season. We have seen colleagues organise a structured, serious, detailed and challenging competition at the world level. We have seen committed colleagues, with their experience, travel around Italy, taking time away from their companies, to divulge, to make it clear that there is only one way to work: well.
All of them, with their contributions, have made the growth of the Academy and the assumption of an organisation like ours possible. We need to be able to give expression to all that is great and inspiring.