After days like this, the part we like the most is that of thanks. And we have lots to say.

Yesterday, we celebrated with a lot of friends the launch of the new edition of our tin in collaboration with Covili Arte. The third edition was made possible thanks to all those who love us and who donated their time with a thought or their presence. Hence, thanks to the Covili family, to whom we give an immeasurable hug, thanks to all our Giamberlano team who work hard every day, giving us the freedom to create such extraordinary projects, thanks to the Peravalli and Gianni Di Lella who fed us by doing an impeccable job. Thanks to the luminous Angela Sini who shines on our most beautiful days with her Cantina della Volta. Last but not least, thanks to Ciao Comunicazione: Matteo, Alessandro and Cecilia for making our wishes come true and to Matteo Torsani for the video that made us so excited and that you will see soon.

Days like these are unforgettable because they not only demonstrate a work that has come to fruition but also have the strength of commitment, the flavour of beauty and the irrepressible happiness of the smiling response of those who love us.

Thank you!